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Announcement of interest to all the friends of the market:

Barrels is closing for the month of August to plan to reorganize and refocus the store. We all know that Barrels is an important part of many people’s vision for a vibrant Downtown Waterville. However, we need to redirect the store’s efforts to benefit from that goodwill and insure Barrel’s future success. Colby College has agreed to partner with us in this reorganization, by providing their financial expertise, and other community stakeholders have indicated their commitment to helping to map out the future of Barrels. We plan to re-open our doors in September, right after Labor Day. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience as we make this transition.

Our Mission

Barrels Community Market is a cooperative located in the heart of Downtown Waterville that is a thriving and dynamic local foods marketplace.

We incorporated as a cooperative in July 2013 with the support of community members from the greater Waterville area.

As a cooperative we are committed to the following mission:

  • 1.) To provide locally sourced as well as non-local natural foods that are essential to our members
  • 2.) To invest as member-owners in a transparent, sustainable local food system
  • 3.) To build community by being an engaging place for people to shop, eat, and socialize
  • 4.) To be a resource on using healthful, seasonal foods

Video Updates from the Market