Staff Spotlite

Staff Spotlite

Most of the employees of Barrel Market are volunteers or part time workers. They take time out of their busy schedules to work here because they believe in the sense of community that a cooperative food market can bring to a city.

Adrian Gonzales is one of those employees. He is one of our buyers and focuses on bringing the best fruits from the area into Barrels. Adrian focuses on obtaining organic fruits from Oxnard as he feels the farms there have the best quality and freshness. He frequently travels in his spare time to the farms in the Oxnard area to meet and create lasting relationships with the farmers there.

Adrain is the owner of Simi Valley Pool Repair. He lives in Moorpark with his wife and two daughters (and their poodle Mindy).

Say hello to Adrian if you see him working in the market, and feel free to ask him any questions.

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