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5 Types of Community Garden You Can Have in Cities

5 Types of Community Garden You Can Have in Cities

Gardening is a good outdoor activity that is very good for your health. It can also give you nutritious and delicious foods. For people who live in cities, it is hard to grow a garden due to lack of space. You can make a community garden happen. You can check out SIMI at the Garden for an example of one of our local city community gardens. Here are some types of garden you can have in your place.

Get a plot

It is the basic style of a community garden. You need to find a space that you can transform into garden plots. You can search for abandoned urban lots. The area residents can rent this plot and are responsible for its maintenance. You can have raised beds that will give clear boundaries to gardens.

Office garden

If your employer is forward-thinking and concerned about the employees’ health, then he or she can give you a gardening outlet. You will need a green space in the office. You can encourage your colleagues to work with you and make an office garden. The employees of the office can volunteer to maintain the garden during lunch breaks or after office hours. You can share the foods that are grown in the garden and even sell them.

Apartment or neighborhood garden

If there is land available in your apartment or neighborhood, you can get your neighbors to work with you and build a nice community garden. Once you start it, you will see that other people in the neighborhood are coming to volunteer.

Make garden for the poor

You can partner with a local food bank or hunger program to form a community garden for the low-income family. Volunteers will work to grow and maintain the garden. This way the poor people can eat fresh and healthy food.

School garden

By growing a school garden, you can get the next generation interested in agriculture. A school garden can help children learn about nutrition and agriculture. It will be a wonderful experience for the students.

These kinds of community gardens can help people eat fresh food. It will improve your health.Growing garden is a wonderful recreation and a great way to socialize as well.