We are an independent consumer cooperative. As we are a consumer cooperative, all are members are the equity owners. You can vote for the Board members to represent your interests and preferences. You can also get the chance to be elected in a leadership role. We work hard to preserve the look and feel of the market. By becoming a member of this cooperative, you can get the chance to grow and change.


To become a member, you need to make a one-time equity investment of $100. Once you are a member, you will be entitled to the following benefits.

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  •    You will have an equity ownership stake in the market.
  •    You will be able to vote and select the leader.
  •    You will access many discounted items.
  •    You will get a certification from us for being a member.
  •    Bumper stickers will be given so that you can display your membership.

If you are interested, please fill out the membership form and fill it out. You can send the form by mail or email. We invite volunteers to work with our members. As we are a non-profit market, we have to depend heavily on the volunteers to help in the daily works in the market. If you know anyone who can work as a volunteer, please let us know. By becoming a member or a volunteer, you will help this cooperative to grow.